Yehudah Fine

Written by Yehudah Fine

The Soul Lives with Mystery

December 15, 2000

The following two articles were sent as one of three pre-conference readings to all subscribers of Yehudah’s Nuggets Newsletter. The conference was held online on AOL’s Addiction & Recovery Forum in December 20, 2000.

True spiritual desire or yearning can indeed open us up to new ways of seeing and being. Why is this so? It is so precisely because it brings us to the awareness that we are souls. There is more to us than simply our bodies. The soul has no trouble dealing with the mystery of our lives. The soul lives in the terrain and domain of mystery. Shifting our attention and thinking soul-ward opens us to the world of mystery where concrete answers are not always as important as experiencing the mystery and delight of our search, yearning, and soulful questions.

A lot of giving up and letting God in revolves around shifting the arena of our awareness and attention. It is a paradigm shift, and an important one at that. As I have said before, everything depends on where we place our attention. And even though we live today in a world that does not, in general, value the sacred and the ancient ways, at the time of our greatest need it is still possible to shift our consciousness toward living with sacred reality. We live in an age of information — or as Ken Wilbur, the philosopher and teacher, put it: The world is not what New Agers (and zealots) would like us think it really is. In fact, we live in a world based on philosophical materialism that is characterized by the rapid pace and change of our industrialized world.

I have found how important it is for me to seek out ancient, sacred wisdom and download it into the consciousness of everyday life. Simply because we live in an information transmission age, it does not mean we do not have access to Spirit. It just means there is a lot more to sift through to find our paths. But when we find our road we must take it into our hearts so that it is alive and vital, not an information program that we simply repeat by rote because others tell us that it is true. Blindness is not a virtue on the spiritual path.

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